Pay it Forward

DiFontaines Pizzeria Dublin

Pay It Forward

Here at DiFontaine’s we are part of the Pay It Forward idea! It’s so simple and so rewarding.

It works like this:

● You buy your pizza slice, for you.
● You pay for another slice, for someone else.
● We suspend it.
● We offer it to someone in need.

Ozanam House is a charity who work with people from 2 to 92 and often avail of these donated slices. They take them for their “teen“ groups, where they sit around, informally chat and eat pizza! Not so easy to get teens to talk! But with hot pizza on the menu, they are encouraged and relaxed.

We are about to donate to a Homeless Men’s Shelter locally and are working on reaching homeless families and their kids…..what kid doesn’t love Pizza?

Any suggestions you might have on where to donate are always welcome.

Not the healthiest option, true, but we think you’ll agree that a treat once in a while is allowed.


It might be “only pizza” but it’s FREE and it’s being donated by our generous customers – the public – our community and Dublin’s tourists!

We all have to start somewhere…..


Caring is Sharing!